Botley Covid Lockdown 2.0 response
Do you need food this lockdown?

You have a few options...

The Botley Community Larder provides delicious, low-cost, surplus food to the West Oxford community. It runs on Thursdays 3-5:30 at St Peter and St Paul Church Hall, 8 West Way, OX2 9JY. For a £3.50/week (£14/month) membership you get 10+ non-perishable items per week plus fruit and veg. Membership is paid for monthly via direct debit and can be cancelled at any point. Sign up here: If you are struggling financially and can't afford the £3.50 please get in touch: we may still be able to help. We may also be able to deliver if you are shielding/ vulnerable/ have medical issues/ elderly. Email any queries to or find us on Facebook at Botley Community Larder.

During the lockdown, the Botley Community Fridge will be open daily 10-4 at the St Peter and St Paul Church Hall lobby (normally it is in the church lobby), 81 West Way, OX2 9JY. The fridge is free to give to and take from, and can help top up your fridge. Unlike the larder, there is no guarantee of how much food will be available.

If neither of these works for you, please fill in the form below and we will try to help you.
Phone number
No. of people in household
Age of kids
Dietary requirements
Any extras? Nappies? Incontinence pads? Sanitary products? Pet food? Formula? (can't gaurantee anything)
Anything else we should know?
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