ASGPP Domestic and International Organizational Membership Application
This application is for Domestic and International organizational membership.

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Organizational Membership Benefits:
• Opportunities for collaboration between the member-organization and the ASGPP;

• The member-organization will be able to place on its web-site the ASGPP logo, sent to them by the ASGPP Membership Committee (with the text, "Organizational Member of ASGPP for a specific year; and with the included disclaimer). The ASGPP logo SHOULD NOT be placed on ANY other documents, just the organization's website.

• The member-organization will be listed on the ASGPP web-site under "Organizational Members".

Note: Organizational membership is granted to the organization as an entity.
Individual members of the local or regional member-organization must become ASGPP individual members of ASGPP themselves to receive the benefits offered by ASGPP to its own members.

The organizational member supports ASGPP; however, ASGPP and the local organization are distinct, separate, independent entities, and neither accepts legal or financial liability for the other, nor is this to be construed as endorsement for professional certification or achievements.

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Please provide the name(s) of at least one reference, who is already a member of ASGPP or a professional who is familiar with your organization. Your application will be submitted to the Membership Committee. If it is unsuccessful, your credit card will not be processed. *
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To make a payment ...
... after you submit this application, contact for an invoice.

If you prefer to pay by check print this form and mail with payment to:
PO Box 1654
Merchantville, NJ, 08109
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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