Farmers Market Potential Vendor Survey
We are currently collecting information from potential vendors/farmers so that we may build our market roster. For the current season we are planning to limit our market to approximately 25 vendors so your prompt response to our inquiry is appreciated. In completing the survey below please be sure to include your preferred communication method and contact information so that we may contact you to discuss participation in the market.

The market will be situated in the newly refurbished Braintree Town Hall Mall on Washington Street which is in the historical district of the town. This convenient, central location is less than 1/4 mile off Route 3 and near the Braintree split.
Are you available to participate in a market on Saturday mornings?
Please note that this year we will only be contacting those vendors available on Saturdays but we will keep contact information for all respondants to consider for future years.
Farm/Vendor Name
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Contact Person
What is your preferred method of communication?
Do you have previous experience participating in a Farmers Market?
If Yes, when?
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If Yes, where?
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Are you planning to participate in other Farmers Markets in the current season?
If Yes, where?
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Do you operate a CSA?
What crops do you grow and what is their approximate availability?
i.e. Peas early June - late July; Apples September - November; Butternut Squash late September - November
What farming methods do you employ?
Please mark all that apply.
Do you produce something other than or in addition to fruits/vegetables?
Please check all that apply.
Please provide information about your products and availability below.
i.e. Fruit Jams June - October; Whole Grain Breads year round; Scallops August - September; Cheese year round
Please provide contact information for any other vendors you would suggest that we contact to make our market most attractive to customers.
Please provide at a minimum a farm or vendor's name and address, telephone number or email address
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