AFRPOUNK Virtual SpinThrift Market Vendor Application
AFROPUNK 2020 cannot be stopped by the pandemic - we're going virtual, and we're bringing our beloved vendors, traders, and makers with us!

What: AFROPUNK Fest Online
When: October 23-25, 2020
Where: Global
Who: Thousands of Fans, Music, and Vendors
How: Apply to be a vendor below.

The AFROPUNK Online Festival Marketplace is an AFROPUNK-curated directory of traders, makers, artisans, businesses and craftspeople [vendors] from around the world. Fans will be able to search the directory to access each vendors' AFROPUNK profile. From there, the user will be directed to your site to browse your inventory, make purchases, and coordinate shipping.  

Fans will be able to search for vendors by product type(s), mission/activist alignment, location, shipping capabilities, black/female/queer-owned, hand made, custom, AP-loved, and other filters important to our audience. Additionally, vendors will have the opportunity to purchase features for their business or products such as top listings in filters and the marketplace home page, commercial features, and recognition during the broadcast. These options will be shared with vendors with a price list and requirements upon acceptance.

Vendors will be featured on the AFROPUNK website beginning one week before the festival, and for at least one week after the festival. We may extend the Online Marketplace after that as well.

All users/fans will be directed to the vendors' own site to make purchases and interact with the vendor in order to coordinate shipping/fulfillment, customer service, etc.. AFROPUNK will not process any sales on the AFROPUNK site, nor manage customer service or fulfillment/shipping for vendors.

Vendors will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning September 10, 2020.
Acceptance letters will be sent via email to the email address you provide below. Be sure to update your email spam settings to allow emails from
The acceptance letter will contain:
- Welcome letter
- Contract
- Payment instructions for base fee
- Vendor Asset Upload form (where you will upload all digital assets, signed contract, promotional materials, bio, links, etc.) - please note that this Vendor Asset Upload Form is a google form, so be prepared to upload your details into a google form.

Upon receiving an acceptance letter, vendors will be required to complete all necessary items in the Vendor Onboarding Form and Full Payment of the Base Fee within 7 days in order to confirm participation. It is assumed that all applying vendors are capable of filling out forms online,  uploading files, providing necessary links, and submitting all digital assets and payments with minimal assistance.

$500 USD for vendors based in the USA and Canada.
$250 USD for Vendors outside the USA and Canada.

Additional Fees:
Should you decide you want to purchase additional visibility opportunities and features (see below),  we will distribute the prices and terms for these to all vendors who express interest. If you opt-in to any of these features, you will be invoiced separately.

All invoicing happens via PayPal. Please select the option below if you are unable to send payments via PayPal.
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To which continents/countries are you able to sell and ship your products? Check all that apply: *
From the moment a customer makes a purchase on your ecommerce platform, how long does it take you to ship the product? *
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Is your company black-owned? *
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What year did you start doing business? *
The following add-ons will be made available in limited quantities. Please check all that you are interested in. A pricing and requirements list will be sent to all accepted vendors:
Are you able to make payments to AFROPUNK via PayPal? *
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Please select this box only if you are a member of the Craft + Design Institute of South Africa
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