Eleanor Roosevelt HS On-Line Common Application 2020-21 for Incoming 9th-grade Students
Students interested in participating in AVID, Puente, ASB or Class Council MUST complete this online application by Friday, February 14, 2020. Once students and parents sign the form, students are confirming their intent to apply and interview for each program indicated. For example, students who are applying to AVID and Class Council are committing to interviewing for both programs. Augie Ramirez Intermediate School interviews will be Thursday, March 5th and River Heights Intermediate Schools will be Friday, March 6th.
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Student Electronic Signature: By typing in the STUDENT'S FULL NAME below, you are electronically signing and agreeing to the expectations of applying and INTERVIEWING for one of the above ERHS programs. The student also certifies that all the information provided on this form is true and correct. *
Parent Electronic Signature: By typing in the PARENT'S FULL NAME below, parent attests the information on this application regarding your student is true and correct. Parent also agrees to the expectations of the ERHS programs. *
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