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Hello talented people! We are Now Creatives, a media company with 5M+ subscribers on our channels (MrSpherical, SolarBalls, and more), and are looking for a YouTube Animator for our MrSpherical (and other) channels. 
The role Job Description can be found here
  • Company Mission Overview here
Note – we are seeking immediate and long-term employment with the candidate.

Thanks and looking forward to speaking to you!
Oliver (CEO)
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A quick message from our CEO, Oliver
Note: If you are not comfortable answering the questions in English, feel free to use any language you are most comfortable with. We very much prefer that you are able to express your thoughts well! :)
ANOTHER NOTE: We welcome people using ChatGPT to review their answers and suggest improvements. But if you use ChatGPT to write your application, or re-write your application, you will be automatically denied. Since we can’t get a feel for your personality or culture fit if you do this.
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What do you find interesting about the role/company/mission and either of our channel's (MrSpherical, SolarBalls, WorkerBoi, HumanBuddy, etc.) niche?
What are your career aspirations in the next 2 to 3 years?
How do you keep yourself motivated in performing your tasks? What is your preferred work process/dynamics in a creative team setting? *
Can you explain some of the fundamental principles of animation you abide by and provide examples of how you would apply them to working with YouTube animation content?  
What is your experience with use of Animation Software? Can you elaborate which animation software are you most familiar with? (e.g., ToonBoom, Adobe Animate, Moho)
If you are not familiar with using Moho, are you willing to learn animating using the software?
What animation techniques do you suggest ensuring viewers keep watching until the end of the video?
Please share a work or video you’ve done that you are most proud of, and that is relevant to this position (Please share a viewable link below)
Watch any of the following videos:

Choose one video and provide feedback to the overall animation format and flow of the video.
Please share a copy of your updated resume and portfolio (Please provide a viewable link)
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