An Tir September Crown Preregistration
Please fill out this form in its entirety. By doing so you are preregistering for the An Tir September Crown Tournament to be held August 31st AS 54, 2019 Gregorian. I will be sending confirmation emails to those who's preregistration that I have received every few days. If you do not receive a confirmation email within five days, please contact me at to troubleshoot. Preregistration deadline is Wednesday, August 28th at midnight.

NEW!! You can also opt to have your information transferred over for Squire's Tourney during Crown weekend only. This applies to both Squire entrants and any participating Knights.

If you lack a piece of the information needed to fill out the form, please contact me for an alternative preregistration process and troubleshooting.

HL Rowan of Atherdee
Lists An Tir
Fighting Title *
Duke, Count, Viscount, Sir, Squire, Man-at-Arms. Does not include non-martial awards. If you don't have one enter n/a or none.
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Please list whether you are a squire or man-at-arms and to whom you are in fealty. If you are not in fealty, type n/a. Heavy fealty relationships only. No need to put 'The King' if you're a knight.
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Are you a Heavy Champion of any branch?
Let us know which branch. If not type n/a.
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Where do you attend fight practice? *
Enter up to three branches you attend fighter practice at. Non-branch fighter practices do not apply.
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