Parent Survey: Maryetta OETT Grant Survey
Do you have high speed Internet access at home?
Do you have a SMART Phone?
Do you have an email account?
Do you use social media?
Do you access the school's Facebook page for information?
What devices do you use at home? Select all that apply.
Do you know how to make a video and send it from a SMART Phone or digital device?
How would you rate your skills with the following? E.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint
I don't use the software tools.
I am very comfortable using the software tools.
How important is it that your child has updated technology at school?
Not Important
Extremely Important
Has your child(ren) told you about any Makerspace projects he/she has worked on at school?
What is a topic for technology you would like to address at a Family Engagement night?
Comment: Please use this space to ask questions or provide comments around school technology, Makerspace, Family Engagement nights, etc.
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