BP Expansion Opposition Petition
At the Tuesday, November 20th TC Planning Commission meeting, representatives from the Traverse City BP gas station at the corner of Munson and E. Eighth Street requested a change in the zoning of their property from residential to commercial. In the documents they presented, it is clear that they would like to expand their Miracle Mile EZ Mart BP gas station at the corner of Munson and E. Eighth into a larger multi-pump gas station and expanded convenience store. If approved, this would require the commercialization of E. Eighth Street properties that are currently zoned for single family homes.

After learning of their plans, the nearby residents and homeowners quickly raised serious questions about the merits of this proposal. Some of the key issues raised included:

1. Loss of housing lots/homes (These plans propose turning residential lots into commercial lots)
2. The precedent this sets for expanding commercial districts into residential neighborhoods, and the continued loss of local housing inventory.
3. Traffic safety at an already dangerous intersection
4. Increased commercial traffic through residential communities
5. Gas station litter
6. Light pollution to the adjacent properties and those living across the street
7. Lack of Need (there are multiple gas stations and convenience stores across the street and down the block)
8. Danger of adding increased pedestrian traffic to an already difficult road crossing.

The BP representatives introduced this proposal two days before Thanksgiving, during the winter holidays, when many people are out of town and not paying attention to the local news. The BP representatives did not reach out to anyone in the neighborhood about their expansion plans prior their planning commission request. Please join our coalition, and let the planning commission know you would like to save and protect the residential status of E. Eighth Street.


The Residents of 8th/Munson Ave neighborhoods
Traverse City, MI

* This petition is for all TC residents

Parcel Map with Future Land Use Map Overlay: Taken From Planning Department Memorandum
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