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Please fill out the form below to apply for a Free 30 min Strategy Call with a Refined Life Master Coach.

This call is right for you if:

✔️you are serious about working with a coach and ready to do the work

✔️you know that investing in yourself is necessary to get to the next level of your personal growth

✔️you are ready to (or willing to find a way to) invest a minimum of $500 to work with a Private Coach or join a Group Coaching Program

Depending on your current challenges and goals and the area you'd like to focus on, we will match you with the coach that fits the best. Thus, the more detail you can give when answering the questions, the better the match will be and the more you will benefit from your Strategy Session!

Please note that all our coaches work independently - they are personally selected and vetted by Liz after having worked with her and being trained by her, but they all have their own business separate from Liz/Refined Life.

This call is completely free with no strings attached. However, please only apply if you are seriously interested in working with one of our Master Coaches. Private Coaching is the most effective way to achieve your goals but it's not the only way. If you are not ready for coaching, we encourage you to have a look at our self-paced online courses and free resources instead (go to

Once you've submitted the form, we will be in touch within 2 - 3 days to match you with a Coach.
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