Csehy - Theory Placement Exam
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General Instructions
This online test is for placement purposes. It is not a pass/fail but rather is used to place you in a theory class at your next step of musical learning - accordingly, you will not be given a score at the end of the test, but you will be given an opportunity to view your correct and incorrect answers. You will also be given several opportunities to jump to the end of the test if you have reached an area you do not yet know. Complete the test in one sitting without consulting books, websites, other people, or any other types of references.

This test covers note names, major and minor key signatures, intervals, triads and 7th-chords. If you successfully pass all of these concepts you will take an additional test covering analysis and 4-part writing when you come to camp.

Note - your answers are not saved until you click submit on the final screen. Do not use the back button on your web-browser during the test.

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