OSTC-SW College and Career Readiness Pre-Survey 2019-20
This survey is intended to help you reflect on your progress toward Career identification and the steps that you will take after high school. The staff at OSTC is committed to helping you discover your passion and MAP the pathway to success. The results of this survey will be used to drive instruction and assist all students. Please answer questions honestly.
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I have done Career Development this year, including any of the following an interest inventory, My Next Move, the Career Tree Branch Report. *
I know what my chosen career is, including job, wage and outlook in my area. *
I know what certificates, credentials and college credits that I can earn by doing well in my program at OSTC. *
I have a completed cover letter and resume (both). *
I have a completed portfolio, which includes examples of student work and some of my accomplishments. *
I have had at least one work based learning experience. (i.e. Informational Interview, Job Shadow, Field Experience, Field trip, Paid/Unnpaid Work.) *
I will continue my learning after high school by: (Choose one.) *
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