Ignite Creative Client Intake Form - eCommerce Website
Please complete the following intake form completely and accurately for your website design project. The more detailed you are in this form, the better and more efficient we can be at developing your new website. There may be items in the intake form that we have already covered on the phone or through email, so if there is anything you have already provided separately, please just note that in the form.

We try our best to spell check all provided text before putting it on the website, however please take care in providing us with accurate, grammatically correct text. Please note that per our project contract, we are not responsible for copyrighted text or images that you provide us with. While we encourage you to check out other websites as a source for ideas, we do not condone copying someone else's content. Help us keep the internet a safe and healthy place by providing original content for your website.
Email address *
What is the legal name of your business / organization as you want it displayed on the website? *
This will be used throughout the site in a variety of ways. It is not necessary to provide your legal business name if you do not use that for your marketing. For example, you can just put "My Business" instead of "My Business, LLC". This is purely personal preference.
What is your businesses domain name? *
For example: YourBusiness.com . If you don't already have one, we recommend going to a provider like GoDaddy.com or Google Domains and buying one. They're cheap and easy to register.
Is this a brand new website, or a remodel of a current website? *
Do you want us to host and maintain your website or do you already have web hosting? *
We always recommend you have your website professionally hosted and maintained to ensure that your new website stays secure and in nice working order. It's like not changing the oil in a brand new car.
What is short tag line or very brief summary of your business?
Think of this as an attention grabber on your website. For example, if you owned a construction company in Branson, Missouri, this tag line may read something like "Branson's Best Construction Company" or something similar. We use this to highlight what makes your business stand out from others.
What text would you like shown on the "About" page of your website? *
This text is used to describe your business and should be at least 3-4 sentences (longer the better). Keep in mind that the about page of your website will likely be the second most visited page on your site. So it's important that this text is accurate and describes your business in as great of detail as possible. This text can contain your organizations history, mission, goals, core values, ect.
Business Phone Number *
Please provide the phone number you would like displayed on the website.
Business Fax Number
Please provide the fax number you would like displayed on the website.
Business Email Address *
Please provide the email you would like displayed on the website.
Where is your business located? *
If your business has a physical location such as an office, please provide that and indicate that it is ok to display this on the website. If your business is online or doesn't have a physical address, just provide us with your target city or region.
What business hours would you like listed on your website? If none, simply put N/A. *
When was your business founded / started? *
Who is your target customer / audience? *
Please indicate which option best describes your target audience for your business.
If you have customer reviews or testimonials, paste at least 3 of them below. You may also past a link to your Google reviews if you have some. *
If you don't have any reviews yet, or don't want them listed on your website just put N/A.
What are 6 words that best describe what makes your business stand out from your competition? *
Here are some examples: Trusted, Experienced, Licensed, Insured, Friendly, Affordable, ect.
Please provide us with links to websites that you like the overall look and design of. *
No, we're not copying the design of someone else's website. All this allows us to do is see what your style and goals might be. If you only like a specific feature of a website, simply make note of that.
Please provide a general list of features you would like on your new website. *
Feel free to reference other websites with the same features. Please be as detailed as possible.
Do you want a blog on your new website? *
We always recommend having a blog, however if it's not something you're interested in or have time for, we totally understand.
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