Scholarship Application: Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum 2017
Join us at Global Learning Forum 2017 to participate in a solutions-focused dialogue on the transition 100% renewable energy in cities. 400+ leaders from local governments, the private sector, utilities, and the NGO and research communities will gather to engage and learn in Vancouver, British Columbia from May 17-19, 2017.

For information on Global Learning Forum 2017, visit


In order to facilitate access to Global Learning Forum 2017 and ensure diverse participation, we are offering scholarships to cover registration fees for eligible applicants.

These scholarships are intended for those who would not otherwise have the means to participate and belong to one of the following groups:

1) Canadian municipal staff or elected official;
2) International municipal staff or elected official; and
3) *NOW CLOSED* Developing country government, NGO, community-based organization, or academic faculty/staff. Eligible developing countries must fulfill UN classification in “Table C” at
4) First Nations, Indigenous, or Aboriginal persons working on renewable energy issues

Please note that this scholarship applies to Global Learning Forum 2017 registration fees only, it is the responsibility of successful applicants to arrange for their own travel and accommodation.

The limited number of scholarships will be allocated on a rolling basis to applicants who meet our criteria of need and fit—we encourage you to apply early. If your application is unsuccessful, we would still welcome your participation in Global Learning Forum 2017.


- Scholarship covers the registration fee only; travel and accommodation costs are the participant’s responsibility.
- A Statement of Interest is required with your application (150-350 words in an inline form field stating why you wish to participate).



1. Complete application form, you will receive email confirmation of receipt of information.

2. Scholarship applications will be considered on a rolling basis and both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be alerted via email.

3. Successful candidates will be contacted via email and asked to submit supporting documentation within two months:
a. Canadian residents: A signed acceptance letter
b. International residents: Proof of travel arrangements (in the form of flight, hotel booking, etc.)

4. Once these documents are satisfactorily supplied, a 100% fee waiver discount code will be issued to the successful applicant via email. If the appropriate documents are not supplied within 60 days, the application will be cancelled.

If you have any questions or concerns about scholarship applications, please e-mail Angela Paley, Program Assistant at Renewable Cities at or 1-778-782-3017.



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