Love from the Vortex and Other Poems
Love from the Vortex and Other Poems by Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz has been released! Once Yolanda has received and signed books, we'll start sending out those pre-orders (around March 29th, 2020). New orders should expect to take about two - three weeks for delivery (unless ordering through Amazon)

Fill out this form for one of the following options:

(1) Signed copy of the physical book to be picked up at Teachers College
(2) Signed copy of the physical book to be delivered

Links to order from Amazon are below

Paperback book cost: $14.99
- Orders of 15 - 24 books will receive a 5% discount
- Orders of 25+ books will receive a 10% discount


Amazon paperback:

Audio book copy: $20.99 (Purchasing channels will be announced shortly)
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