Examen de Colocación
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Examen de Colocación - EnglisHouse Vallarta
El presente examen cubre los niveles Básico, Pre-intermedio, Intermedio e Intermedio avanzado del idioma. El grado de dificultad en cada bloque es progresivo, si ha dejado de contestar 5 preguntas o más debe detenerse, ya que ha alcanzado el grado máximo de conocimientos.
Duración 25 minutos.

Instrucciones: Lea cuidadosamente cada pregunta y escoja la opción que a su consideración complete la oración, como se muestra a continuación.

The woman on the corner is a friend of __________________________
IMPORTANTE: Escoja solamente una opción por cada reactivo.
1.- My mother’s __________________ is really big.
2.- _________ car is parked outside the building.
3.- She gave _________ the news while they were at the local baseball game.
4.- All the work was done by ___________.
5.- He __________ made sure that the package was delivered.
6.- There are _________ people in the store, Christmas is always crowded.
7.- This pie only requires ___________ sugar.
8.- ___________ aroma of the sunflower is very distinctive.
9.- My mother always ____________ the turkey for 60 minutes.
10.- My brother and his friends ____________ the guitar with the band.
11.- Look! That boy is __________ a very heavy backpack.
12.- All the babies ________ walk with the help of an adult.
IMPORTANTE: Escoja solamente una opción por cada reactivo.
1.- Everyone wants to know when ____________ finish preparing the flyers.
2.- The meals were ___________ for the hungry crowd.
3.- The companies are _____________ the government, there’s no quick solution for the dumpster issue in town.
4.- The man just found out that the dog ______________ 3 times before.
5.- I bought a __________ couch for the hall.
6.- ____________ live presents a degree of difficulty for beginners around the globe.
7.- ____________ was dressed in black that night I’m completely sure about it!
8.- She can not depart without the beachwear and ____________.
9.- He asked her ____________.
10.- He told the guy _________.
11.- The man _____________ coach the team was not a professional.
12.- I’d rather ____________ on the bench.
IMPORTANTE: Escoja solamente una opción por cada reactivo.
1.- _____________ they had been chased, they were able to scape.
2.- Emissions have to be __________ reduced.
3.- Depending ________ the quality of foreign products, most farmers are able to trade them.
4.- If we had been given the materials we ____________ covered the production.
5.- We won’t see any profits _________________ the budgets are modified.
6.- They were debating the issues ____________ they never lost the point.
7.- Never _________ been on the studio before.
8.- Not only the political parties _____________ the unions are slowing the country.
9.- Over the past few years factory workers ___________ better salaries.
10.- In 1960 many changes were ___________ on the grounds of a fair policy.
Gracias por hacer tu examen.
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