Women's Ministry Survey
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What age group do you fall into?
Please include the following contact information ONLY if it is OK to contact you there.
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What do you feel are the best ways to communicate Women's Ministry news and info? Check your top three.
Which best describes you?
Employment Status:
If you have school-age children, do you home school?
How connected/welcomed do you feel at Hillcrest?
not connected/welcomed at all
very connected/welcomed
If you aren't feeling connected or welcomed, what do you feel is getting in the way?
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What would make it better?
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Would you be interested in
What needs do you have(or know of) that Women's Ministry isn't currently filling but could or should be involved in ?
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What are the best days/times for you to attend Women's events? Choose 3.
What type of event most draws you to participate?
Have you been active in the Women's Ministry including attendance at events?
I currently attend:
What is your GREATEST need right now for Women's Ministry?
Would you be interested in being involved in any type of women's mentorship?
One idea that has been mentioned is to share our knowledge, skills, and talents with each other. Which of the following would you be interested in learning more about? Which do you have experience with?
Have experience
Want to learn
Car Repair
Cleaning Skills
Computer Skills
Home Repair
Jewelry Making
Organizational Skills
Parenting Skills
Self Defense
Weight Management
In which of the following areas of ministry would you be willing to participate? Check all that apply.
Would you be interested in ministering to a specific subset of women? Check all that apply.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out and submit this survey...it will help us to plan meaningful opportunities for growth and fellowship here at HBC.
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