Activities Consent Form
Scouting Ireland Activities Consent Form

The information gathered in this form is for the purposes as set out below:

 To register your child’s details with our Scout Group and Scouting Ireland for membership and
insurance purposes, and to ensure that such details are accurate and up to date.

 To allow us, and Scouting Ireland, to communicate with you concerning scouting
activities which your child may be engaged in, and other Scouting-related matters.

 To allow us to provide medical details to medical professionals, should the need arise.

 This form should be issued in conjunction with a copy of the Scout Groups Information Notice and Scouting Ireland's Privacy Notice.

***Please be aware that if you do not give consent we cannot permit your child to engage in scouting activities, as we will not have the ability to ensure your child’s safe participation.

The information provided in this form shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality. None of the information provided shall be disclosed to other parties except appropriate adult members of Scouting Ireland or medical personnel, and only when necessary, without prior permission, or unless required by law.

This data collected in this form will be used locally by this Scout Group.

In addition, the data collected in this form, bar the medical information, will be given to Scouting Ireland, stored on the Membership Management System.

For further information please consult your Scout Groups Information Notice and Scouting Ireland’s Privacy Notice. Further information is available at
I / We the parent(s) / guardian(s) of *
who was born on *
hereby give permission for my / our child to partake in all activities organised and run by_7th Meath Dunshaughlin Scout Group from 31/08/2020 to 30/08/2021 *
I / We authorise, confirm,and agree that the Scouters specified in the schedule here to or their nominee shall have authority over our child and the right to give lawful instructions to our child to the same extent, as we ourselves, would be able to do so. *
Select appropriate Section Leader *
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