Help Students To Challenge "Islamophobic One-Liners"
Some young people, following the Paris attacks, may try to make sense of our world via "One Liners" which they have read or heard - and thus perpetuate dangerous stereotypes and spread Islamophobia.

However, mid-class, when a student makes one of these sweeping statements, it may not be possible, appropriate or effective to open history books, launch into a lecture that covers 1000 years of history, or debate the student back and forth.

Sometimes, you need a thoughtful "one liner" to defuse, to reorient, to restore balance, or to move back to the curriculum without the Islamophobic One-Liner hanging unaddressed in the room.

Below, I have included a sample of "Islamophobic One-Liners" I have seen circulating on the internet.

Your challenge: to compose a measured, calm, focused, and BRIEF response that a teacher may have at the ready. The teacher then has the option to say, "That said, let's talk more about this another time," or could use the phrase as the opening for a longer conversation.

After a critical mass of submissions, I will publish some of the most helpful responses and possibly open a second round of "hypothetical student statements."

Reminder: the goal is not to compose a long, bombastic response or pick apart the students' statement point-by-point, but to offer helpful, BRIEF, thoughtful responses. Likewise, the response must be appropriate for a classroom, so must avoid: browbeating, undercutting, and accusing the speaker of being an Islamophobe.

Thoughtful One-Liners only...
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Islamophobic One-Liner: Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims.
Islamophobic One-Liner: Islam never entered the modern world the way Judaism and Christianity did.
Islamophobic One-Liner: Even if Christianity/Judiasm also have violent passages in their texts, they don't act on them very much in the modern world, but Islam does.
Islamophobic One-Liner: there is no moderate Muslim government attempting to combat fundamentalism by simply ensuring civil rights and education for its citizens.
Islamophobic One-Liner: Christianity/Judiasm has effectively eliminated the idea of killing people in the name of religion out of it's culture. When someone does it, it's a total outlier and decried by the rest of the religion.  Islam still allows it.
Submit below an "Islamophobic One-Liner" you have seen, heard, or read: we will help you compose a Thoughtful One-liner in response.
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