Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc. Scholarship Guidelines
SNAP Philosophy on Scholarships

SNAP is committed to having a diverse participant group and supporting a certain number of individuals with an established financial hardship. SNAP is not able to offer scholarships greater that 50% of the cost to attend. We will respond to individual requests for information on scholarships. The scholarship allocation will include the Fall and Spring session, meaning that someone will not need to reapply with the Spring session. Scholarship applications need to be submitted annually with Fall session registration and will not be carried over to the next year. All requests for scholarships will be reviewed and awarded by the SNAP Program Committee according to financial need.

Criteria for Scholarships

It is important to determine need by evaluating the income available to the individual applying for the scholarship. Criteria for scholarships will include income and access to supplementary resources, including:
• having a “funded” special needs trust
• access to DDS Family Support Flexible Funding Allocations and/or Stipends
• access to DDS Recreational & Social Community Integration Activity funds
• access to parental and family financial support
Budgeted Amount for Scholarships

The funds dedicated for scholarships will be reviewed as part of the annual budget process every year. SNAP has limited funds available for scholarships and will allocate those funds based on first come, first serve and financial need basis.

Procedure for Applying for Scholarships

Applications will be numbered and dated as received. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve and financial need basis.

August 1st…Scholarship form due
August 10th …Scholarship notification
September 1st…Registration and payment due

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Scholarship Form
Thank you for your interest in Special Needs Arts Program. The purpose of this form is to collect information to determine, in a fair and equitable way, the distribution of scholarship resources. SNAP does not provide full scholarships. SNAP will make every effort to expedite the scholarship application process. Application will only be processed upon the receipt of the information listed below. Please note this application is good for the session requested. All scholarship recipients will re-submit applications each fall. Scholarship decisions are made upon review by the program committee. Please fill out the following information:
Applicant Information
Name of Applicant
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Address (Full address to include street, city, state and zip code)
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Parent/Guardian Name
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Program Session/Year: (example "Fall 2019-Spring 2020)
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Proposed Payment (“50% of cost” or “$125 per session” )
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Annual Applicant Income *
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Average Monthly Expense *
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Does this applicant live independently or with their family?
Number of Adults in family
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Number of Dependents in family
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Does this applicant have access to parental/family financial support?
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Any Special Circumstances we should consider?
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