Horseshoe Crab Citizen Science Survey 2018
Only one form needs to be submitted per outing. Photos can be attached at the end of the survey or sent via email to

Thank you for your help!

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Please include the names of all volunteers present.
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Please indicate how long you were there (e.g., 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM).
Did you see any horseshoe crabs on this beach? *
If you answered YES to question 1, approximately how many horseshoe crabs did you see? Please select one.
If you answered YES to question 1, where on the beach did you see the horseshoe crabs? Please be as specific as possible, and note any landmarks that could help other volunteers find the location(s) again in the future.
Please note any other details that you feel are important for future volunteers to know about this beach (parking, accessibility, etc.). *
(Optional feedback) Would you be interested in monitoring this beach for horseshoe crabs again in the future? Please include any other comments, questions, or suggestions about this program. Thank you for your help!
Please include any photos of horseshoe crabs here.
If you have any issues uploading photos, you can also send them directly to
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