The 2018 BTM Submission Thing
Do you want to contribute to the wonders of BTM? Be a part of the attractions the visitors will come to enjoy? Be heard in an unique format? If so, that's awesome - we'd love to hear from you! (If you don't know what BTM is - see

First of all, please note that we will be using Minecraft 1.12.2.

The two primary attraction kinds are booths and panels. (That's not a limitation - feel free to suggest anything that comes to your mind!)

Booths are areas which your creation (mod, modpack, server network, Minecraft builds, OpenComputers program, community, etc. - we're very loose on the definition of "creation" here) will be showcased. They should be comprehensive and approachable to newcomers - after all, their goal is to showcase the given creation to the public! A presence on voice chat is recommended, but not required; it is encouraged that you be around your booth for as long as possible to talk to attendees if they have any questions.

Panels are talks in which you (alone or as a group) discuss/showcase/talk about a given subject. It doesn't have to be related to modding - we prefer high quality off-topic panels over low quality on-topic ones. If you want to host a panel, you should be available for its duration and be prepared to speak with your voice on a voice chat.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to adhere to Mojang's guidelines and regulations, booths and panels submitted must pertain in some manner to Minecraft.

Both booth and panel hosters will be given sufficiently early access to the server in order to prepare the booth or to practice/test things for a panel.

IMPORTANT: By signing your mods up for a specific BTM, you grant the organizer team permission to distribute and rehost copies of your mod for the purposes of faciliating modpack distribution for that specific BTM.

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