How have you used DataShine?
Please take a few minutes to tell us about your usage of the DataShine websites. Your responses are important to us because they will help us to identify the impact we have had and what to prioritise for users in the future. They will be shared with the Economic and Social Research Council, which funds DataShine. Your responses will be anonymous and no questions are compulsory. The more information you can offer the better.
Approximately how many times have you visited the DataShine website(s)?
How have you used the DataShine website(s)?
Please provide one or two specific examples of where DataShine has been useful to you.
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If we were to take the DataShine websites offline, would you miss them?
There are currently no plans to do this, but your answer will help us to inform the case for further funding if needed.
How much would you/ your employer pay to access the DataShine websites?
We have no plans to charge for the service. Promoting open access to data is a fundamental to the BODMAS project that funds the DataShine websites. Your answer will help us to justify (or otherwise) requests for further funding.
What features are most useful on the websites?
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What features are least useful?
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What feature(s) would you like to see added to the DataShine websites?
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What data would you most like to see added to the DataShine websites?
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Anything else you would like to tell us?
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