Experiences at Georgetown Student Health Center
As part of an ongoing campaign to improve services at the Student Health Center, particularly sexual and reproductive health services, H*yas for Choice is conducting a survey of student experiences at the Student Health Center.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

For your reference, here is the SHC staff list: https://studenthealth.georgetown.edu/medical-care/about-us/our-staff 
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When have you accessed care at the Student Health Center? *
Approximately how often do you access care through the Student Health Center? *
For what reasons have you accessed care through the Student Health Center? *
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Have you had any scheduling problems with the Student Health Center?
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What are your experiences obtaining health care at the Student Health Center?
For example, have you ever had issues obtaining medications or appropriate prescriptions?
Have you experienced issues with insurance or payment at the Student Health Center?  
If so, please elaborate.  
Were you comfortable with the provider you saw?  
Please share their name, if you feel comfortable. You can see a list of Health Center providers here: http://studenthealth.georgetown.edu/medical-care/about-us/our-staff
Do you have any other experiences at the Student Health Center you would like to share?
Do you feel comfortable if we use your story anonymously?
This could potentially include portions being shared in an op-ed, on social media, or as direct feedback to the Student Health Center. Stories will be shared with Student Health administration, not particular providers. Please detail any conditions of anonymity below.
If you feel comfortable sharing identifying information, please leave your name and Net ID.  We will contact you before ever associating any of your story with your name if you choose to leave contact information.
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