Senior Project Create a Team
The Minor Leagues of professional baseball are known for wacky and weird team names. This thesis study aims to explore the development process of creating such teams. The idea is to develop a series of logos from community created minor league baseball teams. These team names are developed by using a series of requirements like location followed by a mascot which can come from the name of animals, profession, nature, local landmarks, people, food, pronouns, or things in your garage. This servery will help you develop your own team. Only 6 teams will be selected so make it interesting.

Bonus Points for team names that relate to the location (ex. New Orleans Baby Cakes)

Have you been to a minor league game? *
If Yes, What was the team? (where/who). If No, Skip Question
Here are my favorite and prime examples! Which is your favorite?
Time to Create! Name your a town or Favorite City, and the state it's in (ex. Madison, Mississippi) *
Something in Nature local to your state/area named (ex. Rock or Smoke) *
Name an Air/Land/Sea Animal starting with your Middle Initial. (ex. Rabbit) *
Name an Air/Land/Sea Animal local to your state/area named (ex. Eagle) *
Name a Profession/Job local to state/area named (ex.Oiler or Shucker) *
Your Favorite and Least Food local to your state/area named (ex. Pizza or Oysters) *
Landmark? Local to your state/area named (ex. Brooklyn Cyclones named after the famous rollercoaster) *
A group of People local to your state/area named (ex. Sailors) *
Random Verb or Noun (ex. Rumble or Red Wagons) *
From what you answered. What is your combination for a team name? (ex. Madison Smoke Rabbits or Madison Red Wagons) You can Pick Up to three! *
One more question I promise! What promotional item would you buy at sporting events besides apparel? *
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