#gladiatorsontheground 2020
In recognition of Veterans Day, Camouflage Me Not (CMN) will spotlight our veterans during November. The purpose of #gladiatorsontheground, our Veterans Day initiative, is to help those who have never served gain an understanding of our veterans and to help our veterans reflect. Please follow the instructions below and complete each question entirely. Incomplete questionnaires will not be accepted. Each veteran must provide two pictures.

• Photo of you in uniform, describing the year and the significance of the photo
• Recent photo of you, describing your current occupation and/or job title.

Submit all questionnaires and photos IMMEDIATELY to be spotlighted in our feature this month.
What is your name? *
What city and state do you reside in? *
What is your telephone number? *
What is your email address? *
Tell me a little about yourself (something interesting, hobby, a life goal/dream, etc.). (100 words count limit) *
What was your rank when you discharged from the military? If, you are still serving or retired, please specify. *
How have you utilized your military training for re-entry into civilian life? (50-word count limit) *
Describe your perfect post-military opportunity. What are you doing? How has your life (family/career/business) changed? What impact are you making? How do you feel about this new opportunity? (100 words count limit) *
If, you are the only veteran that I would ever meet, what would be the MOST important thing that you would like me to know about you? Make it personal. (50 words count limit) *
In your opinion, what is the BIGGEST myth about veterans? (50-word count limit) *
What is your preferred method for someone to contact you? *
Please include your preferred contact information (profile name) for your social media site or email address. Your answer should match your response to the previous question. *
Please describe the military photo (include the year of the photo and a brief description) about the photo that you will submit to info@camouflagemenot.com. (25-word count limit) *
Please provide your current occupation and/or job title. This information will be included under your recent photo that you will submit to info@camouflagemenot.com. (25-word count limit) *
We will follow-up with our #gladiatorsontheground participants quarterly to measure the effectiveness of this initiative. Do you give us permission to contact you quarterly to gather your feedback? *
I understand that as part of my participation in the Camouflage Me Not #gladiatorsontheground, Veterans Day initiative, photos, videos, and quotations may be taken for use in publications and reports about this initiative. I further understand that Erica N. Parks, CEO & Founder, Camouflage Me Not and her designated associates may use photos, videos, and quotations. I grant permission to use such materials for the promotion of Camouflage Me Not MeetUps (Events and Activities). Please type your full name below to acknowledge your consent to this statement. *
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