MS4 Partnership Survey
How would you rate the overall quality of the streams, ponds, lakes, etc. in Madison County? *
Based on the following list, what do you believe is the largest source of pollution in Madison County? *
Choose one of the following to describe where storm water goes after a storm event: *
Did you know that the MCSWQP has a Storm Water Hotline that citizens can call to report storm water pollution, erosion problems or ask questions? *
Do you recall seeing any literature, newspaper articles, television and radio advertisements, etc. promoting storm water education from the MCSWQP? *
When you mow your grass or rake leaves, what do you do with the grass clippings or leaves? *
How often do you fertilize your lawn? *
When washing your vehicle at home, where does the dirty wash water flow? *
When changing your own oil or other vehicle fluids, how do you dispose of used fluids? *
How often do you clean up your pet’s wastes from sidewalks, streets and yards?
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