Feedback - SYN Creative Hubs Forum - Athens
This is the feedback form for participants at the European Creative Hubs Forum in Athens 26-28 January 2017.

Dear colleagues and friends,

It was such a pleasure meeting you all in Athens on 26-28 January. We had an amazing time and have enjoyed getting to know each of you. We hope and trust you enjoyed the forum too, to such an extent that you would be happy to give us some feedback in writing! :)

To this end we have prepared a very structured and concise feedback form, that should take you no more than 10 minutes to fill in. The feedback form covers both the thematic and content part of the forum, as well as the logistics and organisational one. It would be great if you could fill this survey in by Wednesday 15 February 2017!

You opinion is super valuable as it will help us 1) better tailor future fora and project events, 2) understand better the diversity of the creative hubs sector and 3) take note on any policy-related issues that are worth raising to the attention of any relevant stakeholder group.

1) Please note that the data saved is used for statistical, research and project evaluation purposes.
2) The data you provide will NOT be correlated to your creative hub or your name, and will not be disclosed to third parties for commercial purposes.
3) The data you provide will be used under the above terms in the reporting excercise of the ECHN project for the European Commission.

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