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Do you have a unit, lesson, activity, or resource that you would like to share with your fellow World Language teachers in Maine? Please fill in this handy form. You will need to supply a link (including https://) for what you are sharing.

To get the sharing link in Google Drive:
1. Open Drive.
2. Find the folder, doc, spreadsheet etc that you would like to share.
3. Click ONCE to highlight.
4. Click the 'Share'.
5. Change to 'Share With Anyone With A Link.' This will let us get to it.
6. Click 'Copy Link'.
7. Paste the link you copied into the form.

File Upload is not possible at this time with Google as it is a security hazard. We would recommend converting a Word or Pages files to a Google Doc or a PDF that you can put in your Google Drive to create a sharing link. Don't worry, a copy will be made and the copy will be put on the site as view only.

Remember there is no perfect unit. lesson etc. This is a way to gather and share materials with other teachers.

Also, please do a separate form for each item you would like to share.

Please note: it may take a few days for your materials to be put on the site.

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