CRR June Running Streak Entry
Remember December running streaks organized by Strides Running Store? Didn't it feel great to be moving for the entire month, even in the cold dark hell of winter? Well then, it'll be much easier and way more pleasant to step out of the door into the awesome Alberta summer, and log at least one mile (1.609km) every day of June.
Calgary Roadrunners Club will offer a few awesome draw prizes to all successful participants, and in addition - ice cream gift certificates to kids under 13 (these may also be draw prizes if we have tons of kids).
This form becomes active on June 30th.
(We only ask for your email address so we can contact you in case you win a draw prize; no worries, we won't sell it to anyone.)
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Are you Under 13?
U13 Participants will have a chance to win ice cream gift certificates, in addition to the regular draw prizes
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Did you run/jog/walk for at least one mile (1,609 m.) every day in June 2020?
Total Distance
Just out of curiosity, what was the total running distance you logged in June?
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