2018 UUCS Stewardship Pledge Form
Thank you for going "All In!!". After submitting this form, your pledge will be sent to the Stewardship team and recorded.
How much should I pledge?
All size gifts are important, welcome, and encouraged. We are a very socio-economically diverse community and pledge amounts vary greatly. All are encouraged to make a meaningful financial contribution within their means. We ask everyone to participate and to do your best to get on the Suggested Fair Share Giving Guide, aiming toward eventually pledging at a Visionary or Transformer contribution level.

Questions? Email Teagan Kutz at teagan.kutz@gmail.com.

Suggested Fair Share Giving Amounts
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Thank you for your generosity!
We understand that financial situations can change. If you need to change your financial commitment during the year, please contact our Treasurer.
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