Olympians Rising
Thank you so much for signing our petition to reform the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). By signing this petition, you are lending your name to reform the USOC and demand better treatment of our American athletes. The first five Olympians who signed the initial letter that started the movement are listed below.

Your signature means that you:

- Support a substantial reform of the US Olympic Committee (a federally chartered non-profit corporation that reports to Congress) to address chronic, institutional and endemic sexual and other abuse of athletes and other stakeholders.

- Demand that America needs to make safety, transparency, equity, opportunity and fairness for our athletes and other stakeholders the priority of TEAM USA!

- Stand with:

BODE MILLER OLY - 6 time Olympic Medalist in skiing, including Gold in 2010

CAROLINE LIND OLY- 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist in rowing, 2008 and 2012

KAYLA HARRISON OLY - Two time Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo, 2012 and 2016

JIMMY PEDRO OLY- 2 time Olympic Medalist in judo in 1996 and 2004

AUGUST WOLF OLY - Olympian, Founder and President of US Athletic Trust

A note from our founder: By way of brief introduction, my name is August Louis Wolf and I was a shot-putter on TEAM USA in the 1984 LA Olympics. Since then, I’ve fought to reform the USOC, but few people were taking this seriously as the USOC is non-profit marketing machine that systematically and effectively countered any effort to demand better treatment of U.S. athletes for decades. It was only after the horrendous sexual abuse scandal USA Gymnastics (USAG) and Larry Nassar that the ugly truth about the true nature of USOC leadership openly to see. I am now the volunteer CEO of Olympians Rising, a non-profit dedicated to reform the USOC.
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