Cannabis legalisation in Ireland, Readathriller survey
As many countries around the world legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use, we want to hear from Irish adults.

Your help here will take us an important step closer to the full legalisation of cannabis in Ireland, which is a goal of Readathriller. We collect no personally identifiable identification (PII) and we appreciate your candour. Thanks!
Do you live in Ireland? *
With which gender do you most identify? *
What age range are you in? *
Do you believe that the 'war on drugs' has been a failure worldwide? *
Do you believe that cannabis, by being illegal, is a key source of revenue for Irish criminal gangs? *
Do you believe that cannabis is a 'gateway' drug, i.e., that cannabis users are more likely to use hard drugs, such as heroin and cocaine? *
Do you believe that cannabis should be legalised, regulated and taxed in Ireland? *
Do you believe that any Irish citizens with criminal records for simple possession of cannabis for personal use should have their criminal records expunged (erased), as is being done in other countries? *
Do you believe that the United Nations should move to deschedule cannabis, so that individual countries can more easily legalise the plant? *
Have your views on cannabis legalisation in Ireland changed in the past 12 months? *
Have you consumed cannabis recreationally in the past 12 months? *
Any comments about cannabis legalisation in Ireland...
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