Private Mentorship Questionnaire
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To get the ball rolling, please put your heart-felt answers to the following questions, so I can get a deeper sense of who are and what you want. We will then set up a Connection Call to connect fully and give you a sense of how I work. If we both feel we are a fit, we'll create a custom plan based on your needs and I will outline the “map” of our work together.

Your answers are sent to me securely and are kept 100% confidential.

Feel free to be as uncensored and grammatically incorrect – or as precise and elegant – as you wish. Just roll.

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Ok, let's get right to it - what's been bothering you lately? Perhaps there's something you wish was different in your health, Body, Business... *
Imagine it is 6 months from now and you look back at our time together and you fist-pump the sky and say, "That was the best decision I could have made!" What made it so? What did you learn and experience? What are you now able to do, be, and know? *
How did you find your way to me? *
Why do you feel I might be right coach and mentor for you? *
My 6 month 1:1 coaching package requires an investment of $3,333.00 (payment plans are available). Are you ready and willing to make that investment to ensure radical transformation in your life? *
What might you need to do, figure out, let go of, or let in to dive into coaching together with a clear YES? *
What are your hesitations and questions? *
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