Request for Invite Form: TEN - San Francisco
Event Name: Prospect Wire Presents: TEN - San Francisco
Event Start Date: June 29th, 2018
Event End Date: July 2nd, 2018
Event Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Venue(s): University of San Francisco & Surrounding locations

Event Cost: $1200 (Invite Only) - No Discounts Available for this event
Mandatory Deposit Due: March 1, 2018
Final Date to Pay: MAY 15, 2018

4 game guarantee
2 Pools - 5 teams in each age group
Pool Winners play for championship


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HOTELS: If your players/parents/coaches require overnight stay at a PW event, you MUST book your hotel room through our website. Hotels can be found on your Event Home Page. This is mandatory of anyone on your team that requires overnight hotels. FOR ALL HOTEL QUESTIONS, EMAIL *
If you are driving back & forth daily, this is fine. Please note this will not prevent the Tournament Director from scheduling you for early morning games.
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