(Online) Hassle-Free Handwriting Sign Up Form
Hello there! This is the sign up form for Hassle-Free Handwriting: the online edition!

I've held some practice classes via Handwriting Hangouts, and I think... I'm ready for handwriting classes that require commitment, both from the students and from the teacher--which is me. HA!

Hassle-Free Handwriting is a series of five sessions of geeking over letterforms, letter transitions and smart and technical practice, all in the name of improving one's handwriting.

The dates of the first round of Hassle-Free Handwriting sessions are set on:
Friday, November 13
Thursday, November 19
Friday, November 20
Thursday, November 26
Friday, November 27

Sessions will start at 8:30 PM and the sessions are to last for at most 90 minutes. There is a set number of students that I can accommodate because I like to keep the class size small, just so everyone feels like they belong. There will be writing prompts that are to be attended to in between the sessions. Individual critiquing of works will also be done for the students all throughout the course.

Again, there is no skill level required for the classes and I do not judge chicken scratch script. I actually welcome it! The class will cover combination movement, drills, letterforms and systems on how to practice smart. Most of the things that I will cover in the classes will be based on Master Penman Michael Sull’s American Cursive Handbook, the Palmer Method and F. W. Tamblyn’s Home Instructor in Penmanship.

Early bird rate applies until November 5, so fee is P1850 (per student) until then.
Regular rate, which will take effect by November 6, is at P2200 (per student).

A kit will be mailed to students before the start of the course, and each kit will have worksheets, guides, an MD notebook and lots and lotsss of scrap papers. Students are to use their own pens. Any pen will do, but fountain pens are more than welcome. Papers and worksheets to be used throughout the course are guaranteed fountain pen-friendly, BTW.

Just a note though: since the materials are to be mailed to students, this class is initially open to Philippine residents :)

Should you have any other concerns or questions, please just send me a message via dyosaimma@gmail.com, or via IG, where you can find me as @dyosaimma.
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