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Please complete this form for your upcoming event at FCCLG.  This information will be used for the church bulletin, website, Tidings, and Facebook publications.
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What is the name of the event? *
e.g. Zackley Chili Cookoff, New Member Meeting, etc...
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Assume the person reading this has no prior knowledge of the event and describe it as best you can.
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What time does the event end?
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Try to be explicit (assume the person doesn't know their way around the church)
Who is the point of contact? *
What is the best way to reach the point of contact? *
Email or phone (e.g. john.doe@gmail.com, 555-555-5555)
What door should the attendees enter?
If this is at the church during non-normal hours, it is helpful to note the best entry point.
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If there is a fee for this event, how much is it? (Optional)
Please note if donations will be taken instead of a fee.
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