Puzzlepalooza 9 Registration
From Monday, May 21st to Thursday, May 24th, the morning schedule at Blair will be modified for HSA and PARCC testing.

If you are a Blair Junior or Senior in good standing and don't have more than one of these tests to take, this is your chance to use this time to participate in this year's Puzzlepalooza extravaganza! You can sign up below.

An IMPORTANT note for Magnet students before that: Even though no classes will be held during the morning blocks on these four school days, transportation will run on a normal schedule. Because of this, Magnet students are expected to be in school from 7:45 until 3:20 on those days. Magnet Freshmen will be taking classes in the Magnet block. Magnet Sophomores will be taking the exams.

Magnet Juniors and Seniors are also *required* to be in school, and so must either take part in:

Option 1: Puzzlepalooza 2018 - A team puzzling competition with HUGE prizes.
Option 2: Study Hall - An individual, silent studying event to help students prepare for finals (no prizes awarded).

As we said: You do not need to be in the Magnet Program to participate in the revelry. All Blair Juniors and Seniors are welcome to be part of Puzzlepalooza 2018 - we just ask that you commit to participating with enthusiasm every day (we will let you out of Puzzlepalooza for a day if you have an HSA/AP/PARCC to take or make up).

To help us plan for these events, please answer the following questions.

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Do you have a smart phone that you will be using during Puzzlepalooza 2018? *
For the purpose of Puzzlepalooza 2018, a smart phone is one that can access the interweb and the parents of the possesor are ok with any data usage.
Do you have a tablet and/or laptop that you will be using during Puzzlepalooza 2018 that requires a WiFi connection? *
From May 21-24, I will be... *
On a 1-10 scale, how excited are you about Puzzlepalooza? (1=low level, 10=high level) *
Do you have a Twitter account? *
Do you currently follow the Puzzle Lords on Twitter @PuzzleLords? *
Are there any HSA or PARCC exams you will have to take duing Puzzlepalooza?
Mark any that apply.
What are your talents/interests? *
In order to help balance the Puzzlepalooza 2018 teams, the Puzzle Lords consider the individual strengths of students. Please check any and all talents that you can bring to a team.
If you were a character from a manga series, who would you be and why? *
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Puzzle Lord Stein claims he likes all food. However, he refuses to eat cotton candy. When pressed on this, he says that cotton candy, being pure sugar, is just an ingredient and therefore not food, and therefore, he says, his claim stands. Do you think this is a reasonable explanation? *
When you think of spiders, you think of... *
Big or small? *
Best mascot in baseball? *
Who is your friend?
Participants of Puzzlepalooza 2018 may not pick their team. However, the Puzzle Lords have allowed participants to request one friend to be in their group. In order for the request to be honored, both participants must mutually select each other as their friend. If Jay Z lists Beyoncé and Beyoncé lists Jay Z, well then, Jay Z and Beyoncé will be on the same team. However, if Jay Z lists Beyoncé and Beyoncé lists Mr. Stein, and Mr. Stein leaves this blank, no one benefits. You are not required to have a friend in order to participate in Puzzlepalooza 2018.
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Would you purchase a T-Shirt? *
This does not oblige you to a purchase, but gives us a sense of interest. All proceeds go back into Puzzlepalooza, thereby making the Prizes Huge.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell the Puzzle Lords?
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