Beebe Junior High 2019-2020 Parent Involvement Survey
This survey is designed to help us better understand the level of parental involvement both at school and at home and help guide us in school improvement planning. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out!
I have children in the following building(s):
I have access to the Internet:
Which topics/workshops/support groups would you be interested in attending/more information about, in order to help your child do well in school?
Please list any other topics/workshops/support groups you may be interested in:
Your answer
What is the best way to communicate with your family? (please select two)
Please rate the effectiveness of the following forms of communication in your child's school.
Not Effective
Not Available
Teacher/Building Newsletter
Report Cards
Parent/Teacher Conferences
School Messenger
Annual Report to the Public
School Webpage
School Electronic Sign
District Social Media
Please list any other communication tools you would like to see used in your child's school.
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How often do you...
Not Applicable
Contact the school about your child.
Attend P/T Conferences.
Respond to Report Card.
Read the teacher/building newsletter.
Attend special events (open house, family nights, music programs, etc.)
Visit the school webpage.
Did you receive a volunteer sign-up form at the beginning of the year?
Did you seek an opportunity to volunteer at the school during this school year?
From the following list of volunteer activities below, which ones did you participate during the last two years?
Not Applicable
Acted as a guest speaker
Volunteered on a school field trip
Assisted a teacher/school (copying, laminating, bulletin board, etc.)
Helped with a special activity (class party, teacher appreciation week)
Served on a school committee (ACSIP, parental involvement, Handbook, etc)
Please list any other volunteer activities that you were involved in during the last two years.
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What makes it difficult for you to volunteer at the school?
Please list any other reasons why it might be difficult for you to volunteer at school.
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Please look at the following list of your involvement in the decision-making process in the school.
I am familiar with school board members and I am aware when monthly meetings are held.
I think my opinion is taken into consideration when it comes to school policy decisions.
The school staff considers my opinion when it comes to making decisions concerning my child.
I have served on a school committee (parent involvement, ACSIP, career tech advisory, etc.)
I would like the opportunity to serve on a school committee.
If you would like the opportunity to service on a school committee, please list your name and phone number.
Your answer
Please look at the following list about the safety and the atmosphere of your child's school.
Reception staff is friendly and helpful.
Teachers/Administrators are receptive/welcoming/concerned/easily accessible/helpful.
I feel welcome at my child's school.
I think there are effective safety measures in place to protect our children (fire drills, tornado drills, lockdown, crisis drills, etc.)
Please list any other comments/concerns you have regarding school climate/safety.
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