Established since 2011, The Influencer Network Communications is a boutique 'Cult' Influencer & Media Network that connects brands & companies to a diverse and engaged audience through the power of social influencers & digital spaces.

The Influencer Network Group consists of a network of wholly-owned websites (Media Network) as well as 700+ Influencers, Instagrammers & Bloggers (Blogger Network) who have signed up with us.

The Media network group registers 1 million views per month while the Blogger network group registers 2.5 million views per month.

We are currently looking to work with local celebrities and personalities who are keen on Influencer Marketing Engagements and Activities.

We are seeing a growing demand amongst advertisers to engage local celebrities and personalities for such services.

Here's the segments we are looking at

1) Freelance Actors and Actresses ( Stage, Film and Drama)
2) Freelance Models or Talents ( Print or Commercial)
3) Ex-Mediacorp Artistes who are now entrepreneurs, freelance artistes etc
4) Singers ( Recording singers, gigs, youtube)
5) Emcees and hosts ( outdoor or TV)
6) Entrepreneurs/ Business-Owners
7) Marketers, Journalists, Editors, Writers, Playwrights etc

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