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What's your story? Ten questions to get to know you better. The purpose of this website is connect with stories and heal through connection. Just answer the questions you feel comfortable sharing.
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If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why? OR If you could tell the public one thing about you, what would it be?
Let us get to know something unique about you. How are you different than most everyone else? How might you be different compared to other people's preconceived notions about you?
What do you do for hobby or work? What's your favorite part? How did you get started?
Are you involved in the adoptee community? If yes, when did you first become aware of it and what are you doing within it today?
Tell us about your latest activities (work, family, or hobby) and what inspired you to get started on this?
If you didn't have to worry about financial stability, what would you be doing today?
Please share anything else about you that you feel is important. OR Do you have any advice for young adoptees?
What's next for you as an active participant within the adoptee community? Any wishes?
We are honored that you took the time to fill out this form. By pushing the submit button, you grant permission for the administrators to contact you when we have further questions or comments. If you would like to add photos to your interview, feel free to send them with a note to has your permission to post this material to its own site, other websites, and social media specific to the adult-adoptee community. For a list of "Adoption Books for Adults" that may assist with research on domestic and international adoption history and its diverse and global community, contact the publisher at Institutions, organizations, and online retailers may receive bulk pricing.
*Note: At this time does not accept inquiries or payment for adoptable children from religious or social facilitators. We also refuse to endorse any and all agencies, entities, or individuals even if they offer gifts or donations. We cannot in good conscience endorse any accredited OR non-accredited facilitator whose mission is to permanently separate children from their siblings and all blood-relatives OR advertise children falsely as "orphans" or "needy," OR alter their true identity, which prevents children from future contact with all members of their biological families. Due to centuries of past imperialistic proselytizing AND religious endorsements promoting evangelical messages that advocate for "the benefits of white saviorhood," all submissions intending to preach fundamentalist belief-systems that have disrespected and ignored indigenous cultures will not be posted. *We reserve the right not to publish interviews at our discretion.
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