Jade Speaks Up
Now that you have experienced the program, can you tell us what went well, what you enjoyed, and what you learned?
I am...
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How much did you learn from Jade Speaks Up?
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How much did you participate in the lessons?
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What were the three most important things you learned?
How has this program helped you?
What did you enjoy?
How important do you think this program is for people your age to learn?
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How do you feel about the following statements?
Strongly Disagree
Slightly Disagree
Sightly Agree
Strongly Agree
I have people I trust
I use breathing to keep calm
I know of safe places to go in my neighbourhood
When I lose my temper I can control my behaviour
I have the right to be safe
I feel confident to know what to do in an unsafe situation
I have a plan of what to do in an unsafe situation
I have lots of words to describe my feelings
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How would you describe the Logos team? (and why would you describe them in that way?)
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