Deep Democracy in Bangkok, 2018
Deep Democracy in Bangkok, 2018

28 October - 2 November 2018 (6 days)

Facilitators: Max and Ellen Schupbach

Background: Deep Democracy is developed by Arnold Mindell. It fosters a deeper level of dialogue and inclusiveness that makes space for all people as well as all various and competing views, tensions, feelings, and styles of communication - in a way that supports awareness of relative rank, power, and privilege and the potential of these forces to marginalize other views, individuals and group.

Max and Ellen Schupbach travel around the world to teach Deep Democracy. Join them to find the opportunity for inner personal growth and a new understanding of conflicts.

Course Fee:
US $ 400 non-residential (including learning materials and refreshments)

Proceeds from this course will go to support young people in the Awakening Leadership Training Program

Further Information:
International Coordinator: Jessica Armour (083-1361792)

สำหรับคนไทย สมัครทาง
Thai Coordinator: Srisuda Chomphan (Nueng) Mobile: 098-4580332

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