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The Foster Animal
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Most of the time it will take several days (but could be weeks) for your new animal to adjust. Are you will toallow this time? *
Are you able to separate your foster from your personal dogs to allow “decompression time”? *
Are you comfortable admistering medications to your foster animal? *
Which person will be the primary care giver for this animal and what will be their responsibilities?
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Are you willing to commit to transporting your foster animal in a travel kennel at all times? And check that the door is secure prior to travel? *
Are you willing to commit to keeping a collar and tags on your foster animal at all times? *
Under what circumstances would you determine that you were no longer able to foster? *
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Please type your name here to confirm the statement you made in this application are true and correct. Thank you for completing our foster application! You will hear back from us with in the next week! *
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