Does your Jewish space welcome those who don't circumcise? Are you a Jewish officiant who offers ceremonies to non-circumcising families? Get listed in our directory!
In listed organizations, circumcision status is never a barrier to any aspect of involvement. Listed clergy and rabbinical students perform welcoming ceremonies for babies who are not being circumcised. Jewish spaces of ALL kinds and Jewish clergy of any denomination, may request to be listed. Being listed does not mean you are against Brit Milah.

What is a Jewish space? It can be a synagogue, JCC, school, summer camp, youth group or any other org. that meets in the physical OR virtual world. It can also be a podcast or any other Jewish news outlet/forum.  

Bruchim maintains BOTH a public and a private directory. You will indicate your choice. If you choose to be listed in the unpublished directory, we will give your name to those who contact us directly looking for a welcoming space/officiant in their area. Being listed in the unpublished directory will make it harder for individuals to find you, so we encourage you to be listed in our public directory, if possible.

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If applying as an organization, what is your full address? Note: If you meet in various locations, please provide a zip code close to the geographic area of your usual meetings, so people will know your vicinity. If your organization is ONLY virtual, due to the finicky nature of our plug-in, we still need a zip code to list your org. in the directory. In this case, choose a zip code that makes sense and we will be sure to mention in your listing that yours is is virtual-only space.
If applying as an individual, we need your city, state and zip code so people can determine your general location. We do NOT need your full home address (street number).  
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Thank you! Please consider sharing this signup form with others in your sphere so we may continue to build our directory. Should you need to update your listing, or if you have any questions, email us at This is a free service. Feel free to make a small donation should you wish to support our directory and/or mission. It costs about $500 per year to maintain this directory.
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