Midview Endowment Grant Proposal
Proposals are accepted January 7th thru March 29th. Please submit any questions to midviewendowment@gmail.com
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Grant Contract
The following terms are agreed upon conditions for this grant:

1. The funds will be used by the Grantee solely for the purpose described and
as shown on the Grant Application.

2. All expenditures must be validated with original receipts. Make a photocopy of completed
information for your personal records.

3. None of these funds will be used for any political campaign, nor to support attempts to influence
legislation of any government body.

4. The Grantee will repay, upon demand, to the Midview Endowment Fund, the amount of the Grant
if the conditions of the Grant are not upheld.

5. The Grantee will send to the Fund copies of any printed publicity regarding the awarding of the
Grant or the program supported by the Grant. The Grantee, if he/she so chooses, should refer to
the Midview Endowment Fund’s support in any such publicity.

6. The following special conditions will be observed:
a. The grantee will submit a written report. (See attached Final Assessment)
b. The Grantee acknowledges that any equipment purchased becomes the
property of the Midview Local School District.

7. Monies not used from the Grant must be returned to the Endowment Fund Treasurer
within 45 days of project completion.

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