Application to show at WakeMed North
The WFGA has been afforded the opportunity to display works of art at WakeMed North. The space will accommodate approximately 14 works of art depending upon the size. The display will be hung for two months at a time and there will be two artists displaying simultaneously. The works of art from each artist should be similar and consistent. For example, two artist in the same or similar media will be selected to hang together and the works should be all canvas or all framed.

A panel of WFGA artists will make the determination for selection of artwork for the WakeMed display based upon the submitted sample works of art. The art will be selected based upon appropriateness for the venue and ability to pair the artists with another artist producing similar works.

Work must be original, current and completed within the past five years.
1. Artists are responsible for ensuring that there are no copyright issues or other legal issues attached to images used or the subjects of their commission.
2. While every endeavor will be made to keep the Art secure, any Insurance of the Art Work will remain the responsibility of the Artist.
3. All transportation liabilities are the responsibility of the artist.
4. All artwork must be ready to hang; framed in a professional manner, wired with no saw-tooth hangers.
5. The artists are responsible for coordinating with each other and hanging the display as well as removing the display.
6. The Time Frame for hanging and removal of the artwork is strictly adhered to.
7. The committee will need to see all works to be displayed prior to hanging and may decline to have specific works hung if they are not similar to what was submitted as samples or do not meet the criteria of WakeMed.

Please complete the following form to be considered for the WakeMed venue. Have 3 works of art ready to upload as samples of WHAT WILL BE DISPLAYED. The images must be 150-300 dpi and no more than 2 MB.

Firstname Lastname
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I am a member of the WFGA.
You must be a member in good standing in order to be considered for displaying at WakeMed North. If you need to join please go to the following link to join
Full name as you wish it to appear on publications.
This can be your First and Last name or the name of your Business.
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Email address for contacting you about acceptance.
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Phone number where you may be reached in case of a question.
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Media to be displayed (only one choice)
Style of work to be displayed.
Preferred time to display
There is no guarantee that you will display at the preferred time but if possible this will be honored.
If you have a preferred artist with whom to display please put their name here or write NONE.
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After submission of your application, you will receive an email with a link to upload your 3 images for consideration. The images should be between 100-300 dpi and 1-5 MB. Please make sure they are prepared appropriately before you upload.
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