Mainland BC MFRC Youth Development Award Application
Mainland BC MFRC is pleased of offer the following Award opportunity:

TWO Youth Development Awards for students currently in Grades 8-11: $500 each

Youth Development Awards support the continued development of an area of interest outside the academic sphere. These interests may be in arts, sports, or other interests.

Applications Due: May 15th, 2018

Eligible applicants will be sons or daughters of currently serving Canadian Armed Forces members (Regular, PRes, COATS-CIC/GSO, Canadian Rangers - this does not apply to civilian or volunteer cadet instructors). Applicants must reside within the Mainland BC MFRC region. In addition to providing financial assistance, the process of applying for the funding will help develop the applicants’ writing skills. The recipient of each of the above awards will be required to submit a brief written account of how the award/scholarship money was used, which will be authorized for publication in the MFRC Newsletter. Applicants also have the opportunity to submit a video as a part of their application. MFRC reserves the right to use the successful applicants, videos on the MFRC website, Facebook page, and additional promotional materials.

The application form must be submitted online. The application asks a series of questions about you, the serving member, the program which you are applying to, as well as three longer questions:

1) What are your HOBBIES and/or INTERESTS?
2) Describe your VOLUNTEER/COMMUNITY SERVICE activities. Include number of hours served for each activity.
3) Describe how this program will help develop your SKILLS.

You may wish to work on the responses to these questions prior to filling out the application.

You MAY also submit a brief VIDEO (2 mins or less) responding to the following question:
"What would winning the Mainland BC Military Resource Centre Youth Development Award mean to you?" Feel free to be creative!

Additionally, you must submit the following to the BC MFRC at the email or postal addresses listed below:

1) Copies of 2 previous certificates/ awards you have received from your activity in arts, sports or other interests (if applicable).
2) A letter from a community member (teacher, coach etc.) that recommends that you engage in further studies in your area of interest.

The criteria to earn this award are based on individual engagement and commitment demonstrated by the student in his/her area of interest. This fund can for used for things like music lessons, summer sports camp, computer camp, etc.

For questions, please call (604) 240-3140 or email

Mainland BC MFRC
ATTN: Scholarship Committee
1755 W. 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6J 0G7


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