Application for Remote Shaktipat

• Have an intense desire for profound spiritual experiences and divine union.

• Be willing to rely on Durga Ma's teachings and guidance regarding surrender sadhana (Experiential Meditation).

• Have some idea of God, by any name, and the acceptance of the supremacy of That.

• Be willing to accept that what you truly are is divine.

• Maintain ongoing practice of ahimsa (harmlessness of thought, speech and action) as your true nature, in everyday life.

• Avoid stimulants and depressants, including over-stimulating and intense people and places.

• Keep your body, clothes and home neat, clean and orderly.

• Once initiated, try to practice daily for one hour.

• FOLLOW Durga Ma's posts on Mystical Tidbits and read the weekly posts:


DATE: Initiation dates may be found on the Events Calendar on Durga Ma's website: Go to this calendar and look for "Remote Shaktipat". Your initiation will take place on the first Remote Shaktipat date after your application has been submitted.

TIME: You may take your initiation at any time within a 24 hour timeframe beginning at 6:00 AM (Mountain Standard Time in the USA) on the day of your initiation.

ALLOW ONE HOUR for your initiation.


Please complete the entire form below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Your information is confidential and will not be shared.

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