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General EOTC Consent
Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) is the name given to all events and activities that occur outside the classroom, both on school grounds, and off-site.

Our students participate in a wide range of learning opportunities within and outside the school grounds. These learning opportunities sometimes require travel outside the school. Senior students participate in a wide range of sporting events outside the school throughout the year.

The school uses a process to identify and manage risks at every level of activity, and this process is monitored by the Board of Trustees and the Principal. The Ministry of Education EOTC Guidelines recognises four levels of activities, each with specific requirements regarding parental/caregiver consent.
Description of Events
I agree to my child/ren participating in all Type A and B lower risk Type C EOTC activities while a student at Scott Point School. I have provided the school with up-to-date medical, supervision, and learning information through the enrolment form, and will make every endeavour to keep this information current.
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